• Have your say on Auckland’s future - feedback form

    We are asking for your feedback on two plans that will help us shape Auckland’s future.

    The 10-year Budget is about making some choices now, while the draft Auckland Plan 2050 is about the Auckland you want in the future.

    Please read the consultation document that contains helpful information about the issues and choices that we want your feedback on.

    The 10-year Budget 2018-2028

    All questions are optional but we will ask for your feedback on:

    1. Transport – introducing a regional fuel tax

    2. Environment – cleaning up our harbours and streams

    3. Environment – protecting our endangered species

    4. Rates – our approach to the average general rates increase

    5. Rates – changes to the way we rate properties rented via web-based accommodation services such as Airbnb

    6. Local priorities – what the priorities are in your area

    7. Any other feedback including disestablishing Auckland Council Investments Ltd

    The Auckland Plan 2050

    All questions are optional but we will ask for your feedback on:

    1. An inclusive Auckland

    2. Advancing Māori wellbeing

    3. Affordable homes

    4. Moving easily around Auckland

    5. Protecting and enhancing our environment

    6. Equipping people for future jobs

    7. Shaping our growth

    8. Any other feedback


    You should know

    Ngā korero muna - Important privacy information

    Your name and feedback to the 10-Year Budget and The Auckland Plan 2050 will be publicly available in Auckland Council reports and online. All other personal details will remain private.