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    EcoFest North 2018 – Event Registration

    Deadline: 31 January 2018 (online listings can be added until 9 March 2018)


    This event is supported by Kaipatiki Local Board

  • events@kaipatiki.org.nz

    Event Registration Form
    Use this form to register your event for the EcoFest North 2018 programme (Please repeat for multiple events).

    DEADLINE: Monday 29 January 2018 (online listings can be added until 9 March)


    • To be included in the EcoFest North programme your event must:
      • have an environmental or sustainable living theme, and
      • take place between 17 March and 15 April 2018, and
      • occur in one of the five North Shore Local Board areas (e.g. Kaipatiki, Devonport-Takapuna, Upper Harbour, Hibiscus and Bays, or Rodney).


    • Examples of suitable events include: bush restoration or weeding days, stream clean ups, neighbourhood clean ups, community food or clothing swaps, fundraisers, open days, educational/training courses, seminars, panel debates, upcycling or repair workshops, guided walks, sustainable/ethical markets, or eco-art events.


    • Priority will be given to events that promote free or affordable environmental actions or sustainable living choices. 


    • Your event details may be edited due to space restrictions in the programme.


    • Information on your event's attendance numbers, demographics, impacts/outcomes, and any lessons learned will be required for reporting purposes. This information should be emailed to: events@kaipatiki.org.nz  within 5 working days of your event completing.


    • The Kaipatiki Project, as organisers of EcoFest North 2018, reserves the right to exclude any event or activity for any reason from the EcoFest North 2018 programme. 
    • The EcoFest North 2018 logo is to be used on all printed and electronic event publicity material associated with your event, and you are required to provide your organisation's logo (if applicable) and publicity photos to the EcoFest North 2018 organisers for use in EcoFest North 2018 publicity material. 
    • EcoFest North 2018 organisers will market and advertise EcoFest North 2018 widely, and all selected events will be included in the printed and online programme (Subject to submission deadlines being met). EcoFest North 2018 organisers cannot however market and advertise each individual event. Responsibility for local promotion rests with the individual event organisers.


    For specific queries, please contact the Kaipatiki Project Events Manager via email: events@kaipatiki.org.nz.

    Thank you for your interest in EcoFest North 2018  – we will be in touch shortly.

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    Mobile phone number

  • Complete the section below to register an event or activity you would like included in the EcoFest North 2018 programme  

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    Event description

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    Date of event

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    Start and end time

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    Cost for participants (if any)

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    How participants can book or register for this event (we can help you set up an event booking or registration system if necessary – Please call or email to discuss)

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    Location (address of venue/event)                                  

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    Event Primary Point of Contact phone number and email

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    List the ways you will promote your event

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    Are you able to help publicise EcoFest North 2018 through your networks? Please give details of how you would do this (eg: Facebook, e-newsletter, distributing and displaying posters, giving out fliers and programmes etc).

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    Do you have a free venue or resources you can offer to help other EcoFest North 2018 events? 

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    If you know of anyone who may be able to sponsor or support EcoFest North 2018 in any way, please give details.