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  • Thank you for for making a difference in looking after your environment.

    Please complete this form below so we can make a time for you to come and do some fantastic work on the North Shore! This should be filled out by the main person organising your visit.

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    What organisation or business are you from?

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    What is your position?

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    What is your first name?

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    What is your surname?

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    What is your phone number?

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    What is your email address?

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    Does your organisation have a sustainability programme and who would be the main contact person?

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    What are your preferred dates (Tuesday afternoons or Fridays - please provide 3 dates)

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    How many people will you be bringing?

  • Kaipatiki Project is a charity and relies on the generosity of funders, supporters, members and sponsors. We ask the corporate group to donate $200 for a half day and $400 for a full day.

    By attending our volunteering event, you permit that Kaipatiki Project may use, own and distribute any photos and/or footage taken during the course of the event, for publicity, advertising, sale and distribution in perpetuity.

    Please let us know at least 4 days in advance if you cannot attend the day.