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  • Thank you for expressing an interest in bringing a group to volunteer at the Kaipatiki Project.


    Each year, we have hundreds of volunteers like you donate thousands of hours to help restore the

    bush in Auckland’s North Shore. Together, we can help protect our native plants and animals.


    This form should be filled out by the main person organising your visit.

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    What organisation or business are you from?

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    What is your first name?

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    What is your surname?

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    What is your phone number?

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    What is your email address?

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    What are your preferred dates ( Tuesday afternoons or Fridays - please provide 3 dates)

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    How many people will you be bringing?

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    For schools or groups with children / youth only - please let us know the ages or year group of your students.

    ​Please note: Schools and youth groups will be responsible for providing adequate adult supervision and the required adult / student ratios.

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    Does anyone in your group have a disability or health issues that we need to be aware of?

    (Given notice, we can cater for most health and disability issues.)

  • We are a charity and we do appreciate donations to help us cover costs. This is optional.


    By attending our volunteering event, you permit that Kaipatiki Project may use, own and distribute any photos and/or footage taken during the course of the event, for publicity, advertising, sale and distribution in perpetuity.

    Please let us know at least 4 days in advance if you cannot attend the day.