Auckland Heritage Festival 2018

    Saturday 29 September – Sunday 14 October

    Auckland Heritage Festival invites you to submit an event for the 2018 festival. Submissions close at 5pm on 18 May.

    This submission form will take around 30 minutes to complete.

    You can click save and come back to your submission later so long as you use the same computer.

    After you submit this form we will send you an email to tell you that your submission is complete. If you don't get an email, we may not have received your submission. Contact us if you are not sure.

    Please make sure you have all of the information listed below before you fill out this form.


    Event details you will need:

    • event name
    • event category (workshop/exhibition/entertainment)
    • whether your event is new or a repeat
    • detailed event description of 150 words or less
    • short event description of 25 words or fewer
    • event dates and times
    • if your event is part of your normal business activity how you will differentiate it for the festival
    • if your event has activities for children
    • if your event is wheelchair accessible
    • if your event has accessible content for visually impaired people
    • how much your event will cost to enter
    • website and Facebook address if you have them
    • high-resolution event image - file size of at least 2MB is recomended.


    Contact details:

    • contact name
    • contact phone number
    • contact email address
    • organisation name
    • whether you want your organisation included with your event listing on the festival website and programme.


    Event venue details:

    • venue name
    • venue address - suburb, city and region
    • local board area your venue is in (local board finder).


    Booking details:

    • whether any additional information about bookings are required 
    • booking contact name, phone number and email address.


    Publicity and marketing details:

    • whether you want copies of the event programme, editable posters and flyers
    • number of programmes you need
    • whether you want an outdoor sign
    • contact name, address and phone number to courier publicity materials to
    • contact name, phone number and email address for media enquiries
    • two interesting facts about your event.


    Festival themes and criteria


    Festival themes

    The aim of the festival is to show how our heritage has shaped the character and quality of Auckland’s people, places and landscapes. Each year we have a theme to help build the festival and provide new content for our attendees.


    This year’s theme is: Ngā iwi o Tāmaki Makaurau – celebrating the heritage of our people

    The festival theme Ngā iwi o Tāmaki Makaurau (The people of Auckland) explores the heritage of our region and the people that made Auckland what it is today. We step back in time and celebrate how diverse cultures from all over the world have contributed to Auckland’s heritage from traditions, travel and work, to entertainment and prominent buildings.


    The accompanying traditional themes for the festival are

    Learning and encouragement:

    • events to educate and inform the local community
    • events to encourage greater understanding of our heritage through workshops and lectures.


    Celebrating our heritage:

    • events that celebrate Auckland’s distinct develpment, culture and natural heritage.


    The festival runs through the school holidays so we're keen to include events suitable for families with young children. Please keep this in mind when you are organising your events. 


    Festival criteria

    For your event to be considered for the 2018 festival it must:

    • be an event
    • be free or offered at minimal cost
    • incorporate this years theme Ngā iwi o Tāmaki Makaurau – celebrating the heritage of our people
    • incorporate learning or awareness about Auckland’s heritage
    • be intended primarily for the Auckland Heritage Festival 2018
    • be held within the dates of the festival. 


    Your event must not:

    • promote your business, or any contributors' business
    • make a profit for the contributors
    • promote a political agenda.


    At the end of the festival you need to give us an accurate report of the number of people who attended your event.

    Due to the number of events, we can't guarantee that all your event information will go in the print programme. We will direct people to the website for full information.