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  • Auckland Heritage Festival 2017

    From waterways to motorways – the heritage of transport and travel in Tamaki Makaurau

    Saturday 30 September – Sunday 15 October

    Festival themes

    The aim of the festival is to reinforce the contribution of heritage to the character and quality of Auckland’s places and landscapes. The special theme and accompanying traditional themes for 2017 are:


    1. From Waterways to Motorways: Events that look at the heritage of transport and travel.
    2. Learning and encouragement:  Events designed to:

              - up-skill and inform the local community

              - encourage greater understanding of our heritage through workshops and lectures.

    1. Celebrating our heritage:   Events that celebrate Auckland’s distinct build, cultural and natural heritage.


    Your theme for this year may include areas of interest such as:

    • ferries and waterways - past and present
    • horse and cart to road and motorway development
    • Auckland’s bridges including the construction of Auckland’s iconic Harbour Bridge
    • the impact the bridge had on Aucklanders, trains and trams. This could include the trams that ran up Queen Street and from the central railway station
    • free buses to Farmers Trading Company (now the Heritage Hotel)
    • the first buses in Auckland and how people, goods and building materials were transported.


    The festival runs through the school holidays so we're keen to include events suitable for families with young children. Please keep this in mind when you are organising your events. 


    Festival criteria

    To have your event considered for the 2017 festival it must:

    •  be free or offered at a minimal cost

    •  incorporate one of the key themes of the festival (as listed above)

    •  incorporate an aspect of learning or awareness of Auckland’s heritage

    •  be intended primarily for the Auckland Heritage Festival 2017

     • be held within the dates of the festival. If your event falls outside these dates we may not accept it.

    Your event must not:

     •   promote the contributor’s business

    •   generate financial benefit for the contributors

    •   promote a political agenda.


    At the end of the festival you must provide an accurate report of the number of people who attended your event.

    Due to the number of events, we can't guarantee that all your event information will go in the print programme. We will direct customers to the website for full information.

  • Event submission form

    Please complete by 5pm, Friday 19 May. 

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  • Event Details

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    What is the name of your event? 
    This can be changed at a later date if needed.

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    Which category does your event fit into?

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    Which key theme does your event fit into?

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    Is this a new event for the 2017 Auckland Heritage Festival? 

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    Provide a detailed description of your event (maximum of 150 words).  

    We will use this information to promote your event on the festival website.


    The image below shows an example from a previous festival.

    The design may be different this year, but this will give you an idea of how the information might be displayed.

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    Provide a brief description of your event for the Auckland Heritage Festival programme. (maximum of 25 words) 


    The image below shows an example from a previous programme.

    The design will be different this year, but this will give you an idea of how the information might be displayed.

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    If your event has an official opening please tell us the date and time.

    Select a date and time using the calendar buttons below:


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    Is this event part of your normal business activity?

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    Please describe what this event will offer that differentiates it from your business as usual, and how it celebrates Auckland's heritage.


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    Main contact name:

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    Main contact mobile number:

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    Organisation/company name:

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    Would you like your organisation/company name included with your event listing on the website and/or programme? 

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    If the name to be displayed is different to the organisation/company name shown above please provide the required name below.

    Example only: East Coast Bays Library or K Rd Business Association etc

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    Is your event free?

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    How much does your event cost?


    Example 1 One cost for all: $35 

    Example 2 Multiple Costs: Adults $10, Children $5, Senior/Students, $5.

    Please include any other pertinent information such as group discounts or early booking deals.

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    Will you be holding activities for children?   

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    Is your event wheelchair accessible?

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    Event venue

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    Street address

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    Please use Auckland as standard unless different - whilst we appreciate this may be obvious this information helps to generate our map links.

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    Please indicate the region your event takes place in.

    Please select all applicable regions.

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    Which local board area will your event take place in? 

    Please select all applicable local boards.

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    Are bookings required for your event? 

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    Additional information about bookings (if required).

    e.g. Spaces are limited, please book early; Bookings required for film, walk open to all.

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    Booking contact name

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    Booking contact phone:

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    Would you like a link from the Auckland Heritage Festival website to your website/social media page?

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    Please provide your website and/or facebook address.

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    Event dates and times *

     Please provide in the following format to ensure your event displays correctly on the website.



    30 Sep - 15 Oct (i.e. add a space either side of “-” when going from word to number)
    5-13 Oct (i.e no space between “-” when going from number to number)
    Monday – Friday (i.e. add a space either side of “-” when going from word to word)



    1pm-6pm (i.e. no space between “-”)
    12pm should always be written as “noon” – i.e. 10am-noon
    Comma between date and times (i.e. Sun 28 Sep, 2pm-4pm).



    Continuous dates: 30 Sep - 3 Oct, 10am-noon.
    Multiple dates: 30 Sep, 5 Oct & 12 Oct, 9am-10am
    Single dates: 30 Sep, 4pm-5pm

    Multiple dates and times: 30 Sep, 11am, 12pm & 1pm, 30 Sep, 11am, 2pm & 6pm
    Continuous dates and multiple times: 30 Sep – 14 Oct, Mon - Fri 9am-5pm, Sat & Sun 10am-noon

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    Would you like an image included with your event?

    You can have one image for each event.

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    By submitting your photograph, you provide us with your permission to use the image to promote the festival.

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    Upload your photo(s) or image(s)

    You must supply a high res image (minimum 5mb). Please label your photo as the name of your event. 


    If you cannot upload here, please email your files to AucklandHeritageFestival@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

    Click Here
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    Please provide an image reference 

    Including image name, date, copyright holder and/or name of collection and reference number as applicable.

    Example: Auckland Town Hall, 1912, Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, 1-W1300

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    Would you like copies of the event programme, editable posters and flyers? 

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    We will send you 30 printed programmes unless you tell us you don’t need that many.
    Please tell us how many you would like. 

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    Please provide a name to courier the brochures to.

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    Physical address for courier:

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    Contact for person receiving courier:

    This can be phone or email - whichever is the most effective.

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    We may need to contact you about further promotion of your event.

    Please provide the name of the best contact for media queries. 

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    Media contact phone number

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    To help us promote your event and the festival, please provide us with two interesting facts about your event.