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CIO MagazineCIO Magazine
Bringing together the best of MIS NZ and CIO, the new look CIO is the only magazine that focuses on the unique management needs of senior IT professionals.
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Computerworld is New Zealand's only specialised information systems newspaper. It's the publication senior executives trust most for information on managing their organisations' information technology.
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PC WorldPC World
PC World keeps you abreast of the latest hardware, software, Internet and networking products and techniques. Its editorial style is concise, uncluttered and authoritative - delivering practical information and advice that you can use.
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Reseller NewsReseller News
If you're a reseller or remarketer of IT products New Zealand Reseller News answers your need for up-to-date, timely news and information. Get the magazine the channel turns to every fortnight: New Zealand Reseller News. Free to qualified readers.
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Multi-award-winning unlimited delivers a monthly burst of inspiration, information, insight and sharp analysis for New Zealand's forward thinking business leaders.
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The Fairfax Media runs a series of events during the year to support each of its brands. The events range from summits such as the CFO Summit, to CIO roundtables and lunches to programmes such as the Sustainable 60 series and Investment Challenge, seminars, awards and debates.
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